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Choose us because we’re the right choice.


So many hot tubs that the choices can be mindboggling. Finding the right hot tub for you is like finding a soul mate. The first step is figuring out what you want – in a tub, that is.

And you’re right to ask: “Why should I choose Factory Direct?” Before you buy a hot tub anywhere it pays to shop and compare and we strongly encourage you, even urge you, to shop around before you buy. We believe that savvy people will see through the high-pressure sales tactics, the gimmicks, the tricks that some of our competitors will use to “sell” you and we’re confident that, more often than not, after shopping around, you’ll be back to purchase your hot tub from us.

And, having shopped around, you can be confident that Factory Direct Hot Tubs is the hot tub shop for you.

And, of course, if you buy from us we service what we sell and offer a nationwide warranty.

But here, in a nutshell, are the most important reasons for choosing Factory Direct:

  • Price – Our Factory Direct, buy-in-bulk approach enables us to pass the savings along to our customers.
  • Quality – We choose to sell the brands we sell for a reason, because these manufacturers meet all the demands of a reputable hot tub manufacturer: safety standards, energy standards, ease of maintenance, etc.
  • Selection – Purchasing in volume means we have a wide selection right here in our warehouse and that means no month-long waits for stock to be shipped. We can deliver next day.
  • Expertise – We’ve been in the hot tub business for 20 years, now, and we know a little something about hot tubs. We’ll happily walk you through the choices and guide you in selecting the hot tub that’s right for you. 
  • Style – You’ll like our no-nonsense, no-frills, cut-to-the-chase style to selling hot tubs. We’re convinced, and 20 years in business confirms, that the Factory Direct approach is the most efficient way to matching our customers with the tub that’s right for them. 

It’s simple really. Best price. Best Quality. Best Selection.

We stake our reputation on it. A reputation, built over 20 years, of being the most knowledgeable and most reliable provider of hot tubs on Vancouver Island.


Factory Direct carries only tubs made by the most reputable manufacturers: American Whirlpool Maxx and Vita Spas, and Roto Spas. We choose these brands because of the quality and selection they offer and because they stand by their products. It should be noted that we service what we sell and that all our Factory Direct Hot Tubs come with a nationwide guarantee.

MAXX Spas: “Built to the MAXX”

MAAX Spas has been building quality spas since 1969. Engineered to last and backed by industry-leading warranties, MAAX spas use only the best materials, state of the art components, and manufacture their tubs according to the very highest industry standards.

And, while competitors have rested on their laurels, MAAX Spas has remained committed to continuous improvement and innovation in the design and construction of their spas. Today, as a result, MAAX Spas can boast a product that surpasses all its competitors with its elegant design, advanced hydrotherapy, water control, serviceability, and longevity.

Hence the expression, “Built to the MAAX”.

Just a few of MAAX Spas key technologies include:

  • the Insulock (MAAX’s Thermo-Lock) insulating system with eco-friendly BlueMAAX fiber and DuraMAAX weather-proof exterior which traps both heat and sound for energy-efficiency and quiet operation;
  • MAAX’s 6-step filtration system for consistently pure, crystal clear water;
  • the Powerworks with M7 Technology controller for reliable and total control of water temperature and lighting; and
  • a powerful 2.0 HP Balboa Niagara dual speed pump for maximum relaxation and therapeutic message.
woman relaxing in outdoor hot tub

Vita Spas: With MAXX Technology

Vita hot tubs feature a unique combination of all the key MAAX technologies along with original Vita innovations such as Vita’s sequentially-programmable Wave massage seats, its high efficiency energy transfer pump (H.E.E.T.) system, its SenFlo therapy for feet and hands, and its BIOzone filtration system.

Vita Spa hot tubs come in a wide range of sizes and configurations – all unique to the Vita line – everything from cozy two-seaters to roomy party tubs with multiple power seats and recliners.

Superior construction is the starting point to fabricating a Vita Spa and it shows in each and every finished tub. When you purchase a Vita Spa, you can be sure you’ve made one of the smartest and best hot tub purchases possible.

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