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A few of the most basic accessories you’ll want for your new hot tub.

pool and spa test strips - hot tub maintenance products

AquaChek® Yellow
Test Strips
Tests for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid

shockchek - chlorine test strip for hot tub maintenance

AquaChek® ShockChek™
Test Strips
Tests for harmful contaminants.

pool and spa test strips - hot tub accessories

Insta-Test 5-Way
Test Strips
Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Hardness

chlorinating granules - hot tub accessories

Hot Tub Sanitizer
Quick dissolving 3-in-1 sanitizer, algaecide & shock

pharma spa products - hot tub accessories

Hot Tub Scents
Choose from a dozen therapeutic & aromatic fragrances

Dazzle products - hot tub accessories

Dazzle Water Care
Water Care Products
The healthier, more natural way to care for your water

floating chlorine dispenser - hot tub accessories

The Chlorine/Bromine automatic dispenser for spas & small pools

derby duck - hot tub accessory

The Original
Derby Duck Racer
Safe, stylish & tons of fun.

hot tub step - hot tub accessories

Leisure Concepts
DuraStep II
Step safely into your tub with a strong and stable DuraStep II

hot tub cover valet - hot tub accessories

Cover Valet
RX Lifter
Let this universal Cover RX valet do the heavy lifting for you

hot tub tray table - hot tub accessories

Life Spa
Tray Table
Easy on, easy off no-tools-needed hot tub tray table

plastic playing cards - hot tub accessories

Life Spa
Plastic Playing Cards
100% Waterproof, tearproof. Unique, transparent design

Portable Salt Water System
Less maintenance, less chemicals, crystal clear water every time.

Paradise Spa Vacuum

Tired of seeing small debris in the bottom of your hot tub? Use this handy dandy Paradise Spa Vac to clear your hot tub quickly and easily. Picks up small rocks, pennies, beach sand, leaves and much more…….

Game Spa Vacuum

Easy to use manual pool and spa vacuum.  Quick, easy clean up minor debris. Uses a simple pump action to create suction.  Includes wide-end nozzle and slide-on brush.

Spa Life Booster Seat

Suitable for all spas and hot tubs. Comfortable and attractive design. Firmness and size can be adjusted by amount of water used. Heavy duty heat resistant material. Easily filled using standard hose nozzle. Suction cups prevent seat from floating or moving

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