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A few of the most basic accessories you’ll want for your new hot tub.

pool and spa test strips - hot tub maintenance products

AquaChek® Yellow
Test Strips
Tests for Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid

shockchek - chlorine test strip for hot tub maintenance

AquaChek® ShockChek™
Test Strips
Tests for harmful contaminants.

pool and spa test strips - hot tub accessories

Insta-Test 5-Way
Test Strips
Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Hardness

chlorinating granules - hot tub accessories

Hot Tub Sanitizer
Quick dissolving 3-in-1 sanitizer, algaecide & shock

pharma spa products - hot tub accessories

Hot Tub Scents
Choose from a dozen therapeutic & aromatic fragrances

Dazzle products - hot tub accessories

Dazzle Water Care
Water Care Products
The healthier, more natural way to care for your water

floating chlorine dispenser - hot tub accessories

The Chlorine/Bromine automatic dispenser for spas & small pools

derby duck - hot tub accessory

The Original
Derby Duck Racer
Safe, stylish & tons of fun.

hot tub step - hot tub accessories

Leisure Concepts
DuraStep II
Step safely into your tub with a strong and stable DuraStep II

hot tub cover valet - hot tub accessories

Cover Valet
RX Lifter
Let this universal Cover RX valet do the heavy lifting for you

hot tub tray table - hot tub accessories

Life Spa
Tray Table
Easy on, easy off no-tools-needed hot tub tray table

plastic playing cards - hot tub accessories

Life Spa
Plastic Playing Cards
100% Waterproof, tearproof. Unique, transparent design

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